ACM RecSys Challenge 2020


The RecSys Challenge 2020 will be organized by Politecnico di Bari, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, TU Wien, University of Colorado, Boulder, and Universidade Federal de Campina Grande, and sponsored by Twitter. The challenge focuses on a real-world task of tweet engagement prediction in a dynamic environment. The goal is to predict the probability for different types of engagement (Favourite, Reply, Retweet and Quote Tweet) of a target user for a set of tweets, based on heterogeneous input data.

Participation and Data

(dataset coming soon)

Twitter will release a large public dataset of ~200M public tweets, obtained by subsampling within ~2 weeks, that contains engagement features, user features, and tweet features.

A strong point of this challenge are the recent regulations on data protection and privacy, hence the challenge data set will be GDPR compliant: if a user deletes a tweet, or their data from Twitter, the dataset will be updated accordingly within 24 hours. Therefore, for every change in the dataset, the evaluation of the submissions will be re-done, and the leaderboard will be updated with the re-calculated metrics.

Timeline top

Note: the timeline is subject to slight modifications.

When? What?
January 2020 RecSys Challenge Announced
March 2020 - September 2020 TBD
September 22-26, 2020 Workshop taking place as part of the ACM RecSys conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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